About us

Founded in 2005, Mundo Mídias conducts projects in Brazil and worldwide, offering online and offline communication solutions.

Our focus is to create products with quality content for different platforms, such as websites, blogs, social networks, corporate communications, marketing, press and trend analysis.

The goal is to help design communications strategy for business.

How do we work?

Our team is composed by journalists and designers prepared to produce content for different media: websites, blogs, social networks, newspapers, magazines and intranet.

Why is content important?

In a time of complete image and content appreciation, companies from all sectors are investing in communication and interaction with their customers, collaborators and stakeholders, through innumerable communication and marketing actions.

The dissemination in specialized media, mass vehicles and the interaction at social networks are some of the most used solutions, as well as the investiment in motivation of employees through internal communication projects.

We believe that the production of consistent and personalized content is what moves all actions developed for our clients, aligning strategies and goals to be achieved.

Renata Acioli 


Journalist graduated from the Fluminense Federal University (UFF), in Rio de Janeiro, and holds a postgraduate degree in Digital Media at Estácio University. More than ten years of experience in leading executive communication projects, content marketing, social networks, press releases, newsletters, and, during the last year, worked across inbound marketing strategies.

As the founder of Mundo Mídias Comunicação agency, she is responsible for all communication strategies and content across the website, alongside customer acquisition, preparation of proposals, project negotiation, planning, execution, team, time and cost management, and general management of the company. She has also worked as editor for the Intranet (internal communication) at TV Globo, and content editor for a number of other channels, including CCAA, Estácio and Petchannel.

During the last six years she has also successfully worked as a consultant for various overseas companies: International Trendspotter for the Foresight Factory (2011+), developing trend reports around the communications market, consumer behavior and investment opportunities in Brazil; Correspondent reporter for the Canadian website Sparksheet, publishing articles and interviews around marketing, Internet and communications in Brazil.

She was consultant to the Germans Medienbüro Knöbelspies and HMR International, responsible for the business trip organization of German producers visiting Brazil. Responsible in two years for the delegation of Brazilian producers to the Conference of Cologne, in Germany. She is fluent in English and has intermediate level of French.

Contact: renata@mundomidias.com.br